Why Video ?

Don’t just tell your customers or friends that you have great cycling on your doorstep. Prove it ! Show them a beautiful cycling video of your area.

Video is now the king of online marketing. It ranks higher than anything else in search engines. It is the tool to get your message across and is shared more than any other online media.

We have seen lots of  “things to do”  videos that might show 10 seconds of cycling, but it’s too general and not aimed directly at cyclists.

We produce cycling videos with heart and soul that are made by cyclists for cyclists.

You may own a bike shop and have the videos that the bike manufacturers supply. These are great but are almost always based in sunny alpine countries with the bikes being ridden by lean professional cyclists. Why not make a video of real people, cycling on the roads and hills that your customers ride on. In fact get some of your customers to feature in the video.


Have you a guest house or hotel that you want to market to cyclists ?  Let us produce a video for you that will appeal to the heart of these potential customers.

After this short spin Geoff has promised to return from France with his cycling buddies.

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