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We can supply you with Video, Web Content & Imagery to promote your business to your customers.

Videos : Bring the experience of cycling to life. The cyclists are wearing the brands you supply, are on the bikes you supply and are cycling on the roads and hills of your locality. It’s product placement in action, but still with cycling at its heart. Target each of your customer types with videos made specifically for them. Show them the beautiful cycling and interesting routes in their area.

Let us record your customer testimonials and interviews. Show off your happy customers !


Web-Content : We are the Video Producers, Photographers and written content providers that you need to fill your website with the rich content it deserves. Tell your website designer to talk to us and we will provide them with lots of images, articles & videos to populate the pages of your website. Our clients benefit from the “One Stop Shop” nature of our service with faster live website timelines, more engaging content for their customers and improved marketing & in-shop displays.

This iBike homepage uses a combination of Photographs & Video supplied by Velocitylens.


A combination of Manufacturer & Velocitylens images are used here for in-store promotions.


Photos : Let the image do the talking. Velocitylens can capture the image you need.

iBike explore series



Brochure & Publication Design

Sometimes you want a colourful leaflet or brochure to hand someone. It’s not always about your website.


Architectural Photography & 3D Visualisation

We can provide professional photographs of your buildings exterior and interior,

along with 3D models and visuals of your building.

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Public Toilets designed by OSC Architects with Jarveys in Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland.
Photograph by Paul Dolan Design and Velocitylens


Contact us with any queries or for a non-committal cup of coffee and we would be delighted to discuss your ideas.

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