Kalamazoo Bike Film Festival selection for a short documentary about Mark Graham’s Wild Atlantic Way Epiphany

Posted By Paul on Apr 29, 2017 | 0 comments

Mark contacted me to document his cycle on The Wild Atlantic Way in Kerry. The whole journey was 2500km and he was cycling on a beautiful wooden racer made by Woodelo in Tipperary. There were a few challenges for Mark : The overall distance and cycling 40 – 100km’s day in day out for over a month, the weather and all that it threw at him and the general adventure. What he hadn’t planned for was the feeling of pride in his home country that grew stronger the more places he went and experienced.

This short 2min documentary is a snap-shot of what it’s like to be a proud Irishman cycling this epic coastal route where every person he meets, wants to know what he thought of their County.

Kalamazoo Bicycle Film Festival selection for Velocitylens Production : This is the best County.

Velocitylens short documentary selection for Kalamazoo Bicycle film festival, Michigan. Documentary produced by Paul Dolan featuring Mark Graham cycling The Wild Atlantic Way on a wooden racer.

For anybody around Kalamazoo, Michigan on May 16th check out their Bike Shorts Program. Details here:



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