How to take better photographs (for airbnb) to increase bookings

Posted By Paul on Apr 14, 2017 | 0 comments

I was invited to give a presentation to Mid-Kerry Tourism Cluster on tips for taking a good Architectural photo.

Here is the presentation I gave with guidelines and advice to help you improve your photography.

With the emergence of airbnb it is now easier than ever to promote your accommodation and reach a huge global audience. With airbnb members providing everything from a single room to a large chateaux it is apparent that some providers take a professional approach whilst others do not.

This diversity of providers is reflected in the quality of the photography on Airbnb.  The number of listings with great photography are few, and this should be seen as an opportunity to stand out in a market full of poor to average images. Hire a professional to take the vital important images of your property and then fill your portfolio in with some great images that you can take yourself.  With modern cameras and smartphones it has never been easier to take great photos.

The following guidelines explained in the presentation above will help you with your Architectural photography.

Light – Straight Lines – Story Telling – Distractions – Inconsistency – Cameras

Give me a call 087 1212440 or send an email to and we can meet for a coffee and chat about your properties photography.

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