A Documentary about life, seeking contentment and the love of cycling.

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FRED ” A Journey Home” is complete. I was inspired by the life journey of a cycling friend of mine and about 6 months ago I went about creating a short documentary based on his experiences.

Despite a successful career which enabled him to travel the world he was not happy. In a brave move he gave up this career, setup a small business and went about finding contentment in his life.

He found it, and whilst on this journey to seek happiness he discovered Cycling and fell in love with the bike.

This documentary celebrates this journey, the beauty of life and the joy of Cycling in the wonderful Kingdom of Kerry.


The original score was composed by Kevin Kelleher.

This documentary was fun from the start. Fred is a private man but when asked will gladly tell you about his experiences and what he learned on his journey to fulfillment in life. I joined him on the bike up and down every hill and mountain in Kerry. He’s very fit, having lost lots of weight over the past year, so keeping up with him was not easy. He has a successful Dog Kennel business in Kerry and his relaxed and happy demeanor rubs off on all the dogs he cares for. We can learn a lot from Dogs and Fred gives us some wisdom from the canine world in the documentary.


FRED “A journey Home” will be entered in film festivals throughout Ireland and further afield in 2016 and I will keep you updated on when and where it can be seen throughout the year.

So get in touch by e-mail and I will send you updates on this documentary and other videos produced throughout the year.



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